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Given our experience in the transportation industry, we offer a multitude of essential benefits that greatly differentiate us from the competition. Here are a few.

Our commercialization does not occur in a conventional manner. Gerald Truchon was initially a trucker. He gradually developed his business to meet the needs of his growing clientele.

Now, Truchon PH & Fils is known for the exceptional quality of their service, their wide experience in the field of general transport, by the skill and dynamism of his team, for their professionalism and the quality, and for the diversity of their customers.

Our equipment is subjected to strict and constant maintenance! Moreover, it is renewed regularly.

  • 49 trucks long distance type
  • 87 trailers with 3 axles which 17 are equipped with heating system

The quality and cleanliness of our equipment is a source of pride for us!

We offer a multitude of services related to transportation. Regardless the sector of your business, the type of transport to be performed, the conditions that are connected as well as your expectations, we would like to meet with you to assess your demand in order to make you a tailored proposal and make sure it is adapted to your needs.

With the experience gained over the years and our expertise in the business, we have built a solid business at all levels. We can meet any challenge with brio. We are also able to cope with any problem and react to unforeseen circumstances.

Our skilled technicians 5 make the maintenance of our equipment. Our units are well maintained at all times. We are also able to make emergency repairs at any time of day or night to ensure seamless operations.

Our mechanical center is composed of :

  • 4 doors with one bay wash
  • A lift with fixed columns
  • Air conditioning
  • Parts inventory on site
  • Specialty Tools

Come meet our team and visit our facilities!